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Remember the first time you saw the sea? Felt the fresh air on your cheeks, the sand between your toes, indulged in salty kisses from the sea breeze and drenched in golden light from the sun. Luckily, Now is your chance to experience that all over again with lovingly made silver and gold plated jewellery.

Take a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go and wear untold glamour  year round.

Shore Fine Design jewellery is designed to uplift and spark joy, inspired by the waves and made to create memories with those you hold dear. Elegant and undeniable. Sentimental sophistication that will see you through whatever turbulence this life may pull you towards. With these jewels painted in silver, and kissed by gold, they’ll lead you forward, always.

Born out of a love for the slower pace of life and a want to frequently stop and smell the sweet Cornish seaside breeze, Shore Fine Design live by three core beliefs and an integral part of who they are is built around the Cornish way of being:

Slow. Simple. Serene.

Louise is the owner of Shore Fine Design which she established in 2017. The idea grew from a simple love for creating jewellery.

Shore Fine Design believes in honest and delicate jewellery that’s unique to the owner.

Louise pours meaning into every design she crafts, and it’s with the simple yet profound gift from her studio to you, that you receive jewellery that will last a lifetime.

As you’d expect from a walk along your favourite beach front, Cornish brand Shore Fine Design doesn’t disappoint.

This journey engulfs a demeanour that’s enriching enchanting and enjoyable. It’s with this joy that SFD hope’s the wearer will embrace this empowered view of the ocean. Just like the ocean water washes away the old and brings in the new, by capturing a piece of the ocean you too are anchored by strength and are a complete match for your own mountains in which to climb.